Zukunft von Webstartups (2)

Fred Wilson, VC und renommierter Tech-Blogger, schreibt zu Grahams Essay:

The barriers are so low to starting a web company these days that it seems like everyone is doing it. That turned out badly last time when every investment banker left wall street and became a dot.com entrepreneur. But Paul’s essay makes me think this time may be different. Because its hackers that are leaving their day jobs and starting companies.

And the companies that hackers are starting are building parts of the web. And since we are developing a modular, programmable web, it may be that the way the web evolves is bit by bit, startup by startup.

Is that a sustainable model? Well if the web is a media platform and if the advertising systems that support the web are open and anyone can play in the sandboxes we create (like you can with adsense) then it could be a very sustainable model.

(quoting-weekend auf neunetz.com)

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