Short News 10/11/2007

The Structured Web – A Primer  Annotated

what is fueling the web of the future is structured information.
As we discussed in this post, many different technologies, in their own way, are gradually transforming the web from its current HTML chaos
into a structured XML heaven.

    Techdirt: Bands Rushing To Ditch Labels And Embrace Free; Are The Floodgates Opening?  Annotated

    more bands are recognizing exactly what a bunch of folks knew was inevitable at least a decade ago. Unshackle the music, give it away free, and use it to make a lot of other stuff a lot more valuable, and there’s plenty of money to be made. The only sad part in all of this is that the record labels have been not just blind to the idea — they’ve actively tried to discredit anyone who pointed it out to them.
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