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  • “Remember The Milk Cow in Google Reader” is a Greasemonkey script that allows you to add Remember The Milk Task quickly on Google Reader. You’ll see a cow icon on each articles in Google Reader.

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    • Future Posts Calendar

      Adds a simple month-by-month calendar that shows all the months you have future posts for (and the current month no matter what), it highlights the days you have posts for, and as an added bonus if you click a day the Post Timestamp boxes change to that day, month and year. Pretty handy to organize and plan blog post for a multi authors blog. Also comes in form of widget.

    • Draft Notification

      This WordPress plugin automatically emails the admin when a new draft is saved. The email contains the post’s title, the author, and a link. There is no options page currently, because there is really nothing to configure. The plugin now supports the new ‘pending’ statu

    • Co-Authors

      Allows multiple authors to be associated with a post. Co-authored posts appear on a co-author’s posts page and feed. Additionally, co-authors may edit the posts they are associated with, and co-authors who are contributors may only edit posts if they have not been published (as is usual).

    • Draft Control

      The WordPress Plugin „Draft Control“ allows users above level 5 to view drafts in a nice row paging system.

    • Posts by Author Plugin

      This plugin will show the last X posts by the current author either at the bottom of every post, or where you manually specify in each post. Using the built-in options page, you can choose the number of posts to show, set the header text, choose to show the post dates, select the format of the date, and choose whether or not to include the current post in the list.

    • Our Todo List

      A plugin allowing authors to get together to share ideas and tasks with a managable section in WordPress administration section.

    • Multi Author Comment Notification

      Plugin that sends comment notification to not only the specific author of the post, but to other authors of the blog as well. Customisable via admin panel.

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