Lesenswerte Artikel 25. April 2010

Lesenswerte Artikel vom 25. April 2010:

  • Last.fm To Add „Play Direct“ Indie Artist Program
    „But as with Last.fm’s former full-length preview option, these plays are considered promotional and don’t accrue royalties from their Artist Royalty Programme. Plays on Last.fm radio will continue to earn royalties.“
  • Dear Google, Please Take Facebook Out
    „If you don’t fix the social networking hole in your product offerings, you will be moved to the sidelines. You cannot continue to cede control of hundreds of millions of people to Facebook, and not lose in the end. Most of the non technical people that I know “live” on Facebook. All of their messages, chat, photos, videos, news links, game playing, and personal communication with friends and family is taking place on Facebook. They never leave the site. There is little need for them to even search, i.e. what they want to know is delivered to their news feed.“
  • Hands-On With Microsoft Docs.com
    „Overall, Docs falls somewhat short of being a replacement for a desktop office suite. Even though it offers a better interface than Google Docs and Zoho, its functionality often feels deliberately crippled in order to push users to use (and buy) Microsoft Office.“
  • And Groupon makes three. What’s Russian firm DST’s secret sauce?
    „Provided it has the capital, a firm like DST can come in and behave almost as if it were a passive, common-stock investor. That’s attractive to companies like Facebook, because the company doesn’t have to hand over the same kinds of voting or decision-making rights it might to a more traditional firm. Plus, filing for an offering can be a huge distraction from scaling a business.“
  • MiFi – mobiler Hotspot für iPad WiFi + iPod touch (+Video)
    „Bis zu fünf Geräte lassen sich mit dem mobilen WiFi-Hotspot verbinden. Das ist besonders praktisch, da sich so auch mehrere Leute, beziehungsweise zwei Laptops, zwei iPhones und ein iPad, dem gleichen Netz bedienen können.“
  • CDU-Politiker für Open Data
    „CDU-Politiker Michael Kretschmer versucht aus der starren Abwehrhaltung der Union in der Internetpolitik auszubrechen – und sieht in der jungen Open-Data-Bewegung Potenziale für Innovation.“

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