Lesenswerte Artikel 27. April 2010

Lesenswerte Artikel vom 27. April 2010:

  • Yammer Doubling Revenue Every Quarter, No Fear Of Salesforce
    „Yammer now has 70,000 corporate clients, and 800,000+ total seats (users). At least 1,000 of those companies are paying for the product, and Sacks says 10%-15% of seats are converting to paid. 70% of Fortune 500 companies are using Yammer, says Sacks.“
  • Five reasons iPhone vs Android isn't Mac vs Windows
    „Checking-in at a venue around town with the Foursquare mobile location app could now come with a thought provoking payload: a news link related to the place you're at. The Wall St. Journal announced today that as a part of its new focus on covering New York City, links to Journal stories about various locations will now be offered as tips when Foursquare users check in.“
  • Every Time Zone: Simple, Visual Way to Find the Right Time
    „Every Time Zone takes a visual approach to time zone differences“
  • Five reasons iPhone vs Android isn't Mac vs Windows
    „Clearly, the best case for Google with Android is that mobile technology and mobile platforms become sufficiently commoditized for its device OEM-centric, horizontal model to tip the balance in its favor.

    Never say never, but paint me a skeptic — barring as =yet unseen missteps by Apple.“

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