Lesenswerte Artikel 9. September 2010

Lesenswerte Analysen, Hintergrundberichte und interessante News:

  • Police in 14 Countries Raid File-Sharing Hosts And Hit Close to Wikileaks
    "Authorities cracked down on file-sharing sites across Europe yesterday in a major operation two years in the making, Swedish officials told media.

    The raid is getting special attention because one target in Stockholm is best known for hosting part of Wikileaks.org, the site where whistle-blowers have leaked highly sensitive documents from governments across the world. But authorities said the real target was not Wikileaks, but the highly-active pirate network known as The Scene or Warez Scene, which encompasses 48 sites."

  • Facebook Places – Product Updates and User Behavior Three Weeks In
    "Most important at the three-week mark, though, is that people are still using Places. Initially, active users were checking in everywhere they went, but now they are mostly checking in to Places they want their friends to join them at. Group outings to parks, sporting events, and bars are seeing more checkins, while short, individual visits to coffee shops and non-name restaurants are producing less checkins."
  • Giddy Reddit Exec Explains How Reddit Ate Digg's Lunch
    "The Reddit team couldn't be sure the planned boycott would amount to much, but just in case, they turned on new servers so that they would be ready to handle a traffic spike if they needed to. Then they added a shovel to their logo, which Digg had just removed from its own. Then, as the Diggers began flooding in, the Reddit team engaged with them, posting updates on how their traffic was exploding as it happened."
  • Research: UK Journalism Has Cut A Third Of Its Jobs In Last Decade
    "The number of mainstream UK journalism jobs has shrunk by between 27 and 33 percent over the last decade to around 40,000, says University of Central Lancashire journalism researcher François Nel."
  • Gmail's Priority Inbox Refreshingly Difficult to Game
    "The marketing blogosphere's conclusion seems to be that Priority Inbox is going to cripple marketers who rely on blasting out messages to a massive list of email addresses, but that it will be a boon to marketers who are trying to figure out how to really engage their audiences."
  • Deutsches Social Network für Wissenschaftler: ResearchGATE erhält Millionen aus dem Silicon Valley » netzwertig.com
    "Das Unternehmen hat heute bekannt gegeben, eine “Series A”-Finanzierungsrunde mit namhaften Geldgebern aus dem Silicon Valley abgeschlossen zu haben. Die Finanzspritze kommt von Benchmark Capital, das sich auch schon bei eBay und Twitter engagiert hat, sowie von Accel Partners, einem der ersten Facebook-Investoren. Begleitet werden die zwei VC-Firmen von einer Reihe internationaler Business Angels."
  • Debatte reloaded: Europa vs. Kinderpornographie

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