Lesenswerte Artikel 29. November 2010

Lesenswerte Analysen, Hintergrundberichte und interessante News:

  • Why do editors committed to press freedom attack Wikileaks? – guardian.co.uk
  • Opening A New Interaction Surface: Microsoft and Kinect
    "After an initial misstep, Microsoft seems to have embraced the so-called “hacking kinect” movement. What they seemed to think was new kind of game controller turns out to be a general purpose interaction modality with use cases all up and down the Network. It’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft handles the stewardship of this new device. Running a race from the lead position is an entirely different kind of game."
  • Bookmark Archives That Don't
    "When you click on a 'cached' bookmark in one of those services, you see a page that looks like an exact copy of the original – for good reason. All of the images, javascript files, stylesheets and other embedded resources on the page are being pulled in by your browser from their original location. This approach is a lot like backing up all your important files with a symlink. It will work beautifully until the moment you need it."
  • How WordPress Saved the Web
    "Millions of websites are self-hosted with WordPress. Along with that hundreds of millions of articles, content and words have been produced on these self-hosted domains on an open source code base. This means that each person owns all of their intellectual property."
  • Gmail Lite: If You Build It Google, We Will Come
    "The famous cliche is that every second counts. But it’s a cliche because it’s true. Every second does count. At first, you might think it’s ridiculous that I’m jumping for joy because Facebook Messages is saving me one or two seconds by not having to use the send button. But those seconds really do add up."
  • What Will Be Google TV’s Killer App?
    "There’s something very compelling about the idea that a device like Google TV doesn’t just play video you’d passively watch, be it from the web or your cable company. Instead, there will be applications that will allow you to create, manipulate and mash up content. Karaoke is just one example — one could also imagine video remixes, simple collaborative video editing tools or even game shows shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? extending the experience into the living room with the help of special apps."
  • Exact Audio Copy: CDs auslesen & archivieren
    "Laien erzielen in wenigen Augenblicken korrekt getaggte MP3s, Audiophile finden einen ganzen Rattenschwanz an Experten-Einstellungen vor."
  • Toles: There is No ‚Rest of the Trick‘
  • WidgetBlock for Chrome blocks annoying social widgets, makes Web faster
    "In one fell swoop it eradicates the presence of Facebook, Twitter, Meebo, Digg, Buzz, and a ton of other omnipresent Web 2.0 services. Of course, if you happen to like some of these you can switch them on selectively."
  • The Pirate Bay Appeal Verdict: Guilty Again | TorrentFreak
  • Netzwerte 010: Facebook als Motor für Social Commerce?
  • Die unerträgliche Lameness des Web 2.0
  • textunes-App wird sozial + vernetzt
    "Ein umfangreiches Update hat das Berliner Mobile-Startup textunes seiner gleichnamigen iOS-App spendiert. Die jüngst im App Store freigegebene Version 3.0 bringt etliche neue Features mit, welche teilweise allerdings noch ein wenig halbgar daher kommen. Schon jetzt gelungen ist dagegen die moderat erweiterte Textanzeige."
  • Kulturstaatsminister will auch warnen

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