4 sehr lesenswerte Nachrufe auf Steve Jobs, der von vielen nicht zu unrecht als der Thomas Edison unserer Zeit bezeichnet wurde:

Zitat aus Siracusas Text:

Fast-forward to 1997. My favorite company was on the ropes, financially, technologically, and emotionally. I was 22 years old, and my finely honed cynicism had put a damper on the romantic notion that a small team of smart people could put a put a dent in the universe—even one led by Steve Jobs, who had been pushed out of Apple just a year after the Macintosh was introduced.

By this point in my life, I’d also had enough experience with government, corporations, and academic bureaucracies to understand what happens to organizations as they get larger. The middle-managers and empire-builders start to take root. Each problem results in a new guideline or process meant to prevent the problem from ever occurring again. Metrics are added, because managers can’t manage what they can’t measure. Individual incentives shift so far from the stated corporate goal that they actively work against it. Intrinsic motivation wanes. The ability to do truly great work all but disappears.

As it turns out, Steve had another lesson to teach me. He returned to Apple and, well, you all know the rest of the story: iMac, iPod, iTunes, Mac OS X, iLife, iPhone, iOS, iPad. Boom.

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