Aktuelles 7. Mai 2012

Lesenswerte Analysen, Hintergrundberichte und interessante News:

  • ‚Economist‘ Releases Consolidated Media Report | Adweek „“Digital is an opportunity for us, bringing more people in,” he said. “We see absolutely that digital is additive.”“
  • Pebble smartwatch gets its first app partner: RunKeeper — Mobile Technology News „RunKeeper is announcing with Pebble that when the watch become available this fall, it will have RunKeeper integrated into the watch. That means users will be able to start their RunKeeper runs, monitor their progress and stop their activity, all from their watch with their smartphone tucked away. The phone will talk to the Pebble watch over Bluetooth.“
  • Facebook S-1 Confirms IPO Share Price Of $28-$35, Raising $5B To $6.3B, Hardware Patent Lawsuit Threats | TechCrunch „The company is selling 180,000,000 shares of Class A common stock and is pricing them at $28-$35. That means they’re raising between $5  billion and $6.3 billion. On top of that, existing shareholders are selling 157,415,352 shares.“
  • Geistiges Eigentum « CommonsBlog „Diese Wortkombination hat das Zeug, in den Olymp der 100 blödsinnigsten Begriffe aller Zeiten aufgenommen zu werden. Nicht aus politischen Gründen, wie man zunächst vermuten wird, sondern aus rein semantischen.“
  • republica 2012 nachklapp – wirres.net, fachblog für irrelevanz republica-Links.
  • Study: iPad Accounts for Nearly 95 Percent of Tablet Web Traffic – Ina Fried – Mobile – AllThingsD „For every 100 iPad impressions, Chitika is serving slightly more than one ad to a Samsung Galaxy and Asus Transformer Prime and under one ad to the Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook and Kindle Fire. The Nook Tablet share is even lower, though clearly both the Nook and Kindle are marketed less as Web browsing devices and more as media consumption tools.“
  • Do We Really Want Intellectual Ventures And Disney ‚Governing‘ The Internet? | Techdirt
  • Daring Fireball Linked List: Not Getting It „Amazon’s most recent quarter: $192 million in profit. Apple’s: $11.6 billion. The quarter was 90 days long. That means Apple made $128 million in profit, on average, per day. Let that sink in: Amazon made $192 million in 90 days. Apple made $128 million per day. Methinks Apple will stick with its focus on hardware profits.“
  • Kindle Sales Plunge Made Amazon.com’s Gross Margin Look Better – Seeking Alpha oha: „To put it short. The Kindle eReader has dropped out of bed. It has fallen beyond the wildest dreams of Amazon.com’s management. They never told it to the market, but this is reality. I have proof, and the proof is undeniable. The drop in Kindle eReader sales came with the introduction of the Kindle fire, and the cannibalization has been nothing short of stunning, massive. Why do I say this? Well, Amazon.com has slowed down its demand for Kindle eReader e-ink screens to near zero since December 2011, the month after the Kindle fire was introduced. Basically at that point Amazon.com had enough Kindle eReaders‘ screens on hand to fill demand for at least 4 months straight.“
  • Law Professor: Megaupload Prosecution A ‚Depressing Display Of Abuse Of Government Authority‘ | Techdirt „Taking Megaupload offline. Megaupload’s website is analogous to a printing press that constantly published new content. Under our Constitution, the government can’t simply shut down a printing press, but that’s basically what our government did when it turned Megaupload off and seized all of the assets. Not surprisingly, shutting down a printing press suppresses countless legitimate content publications by legitimate users of Megaupload. Surprisingly (shockingly, even), the government apparently doesn’t care about this “collateral,” entirely foreseeable and deeply unconstitutional effect. The government’s further insistence that all user data, even legitimate data, should be destroyed is even more shocking. Destroying the evidence not only screws over the legitimate users, but it may make it impossible for Megaupload to mount a proper defense. It’s depressing our government isn’t above such cheap tricks in its zeal to win.“
  • Hitler Didn’t Start WWII, Sound Guys Did! | Church Audio Blog „While everyone else was shouting into a cardboard megaphone, he was shouting into many microphones. And believe it or not the image has stuck in modern leaders.There is not one Prime Minister, President, King or major leader who uses only one lectern microphone. It’s not because of redundancy issues. The dual SM57 setup has been THE lectern microphone setup for US Presidents since Nixon. The reason is not redundancy, it’s because two is better than one. Two looks more official, because if you just had one, why not hide a lapel mic on his tie clip and join the technology of the 90s? It’s because it’s psychological.

    The same is true with talk show hosts. Larry King doesn’t use that RCA77 that sits on his desk, it’s a prop to make him look official because if he had some Chinese microphone sitting there he’d look like an idiot with thick glasses.“ (via digitalekulturresearch)

  • Apple finally acknowledges OpenStreetMap data use in iPhoto for iOS | The Verge
  • heise online | LinkedIn wächst und kauft Präsentationsplattform SlideShare „Das größte berufliche Social Network LinkedIn leistet sich nach einem starken Quartal einen teuren Zukauf. Für knapp 119 Millionen Dollar wird die Plattform SlideShare übernommen, auf die vor allem Präsentationen hochgeladen werden. Im ersten Quartal verdoppelte LinkedIn den Umsatz im Jahresvergleich auf 188,5 Millionen Dollar. Der Gewinn sprang von 2,1 auf 5 Millionen Dollar hoch, wie LinkedIn am Donnerstag nach US-Börsenschluss mitteilte. Die Aktie zog nachbörslich um 8,88 Prozent an.“
  • Exciting Commerce: Neckermann und die letzten Untergangsmeldungen

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