Lesenswerte Artikel – 8. March 2010

Home Cooking Is Killing The Restaurant Industry! Five Best VPN Tools [Hive Five] News is a lousy business for Google too - "Notice there aren’t any ads on the page. This is because ads for “afghanistan war” generate such low revenues per query that Google … [Read more...]

Lesenswerte Artikel – 7. March 2010

Andreessen’s Advice To Old Media: “Burn The Boats” - "Oh, and he points out, that the iPad will have a “fantastic browser.” No matter how many iPads the Apple sells, the Web will always be the bigger market. “There are 2 billion people on the Web,” he … [Read more...]

Lesenswerte Artikel – 6. March 2010

★ Attention Is the Real Resource Google Breathes Life Back Into reMail By Open Sourcing The Project Ballmer: Microsoft 'Betting Our Company' On The Cloud Roger Ebert Makes Pay Play: The Ebert Club Even More Evidence Of How Free Ebooks Can Increase Sales Of … [Read more...]

Lesenswerte Artikel – 5. March 2010

Hell, The Fall Will Kill Ya My Lords, you can't please the entertainment industry and sustain privacy Why DRM doesn't work... Happy Birthday! - "Ich möchte Rivva gerne weiterentwickeln und weitere Server / Compute Capacity anschaffen, benötige dazu … [Read more...]

Lesenswerte Artikel – 4. March 2010

For the life between buildings - some notes on the iPad Would 2010 Steve Jobs Sue 1996 (Or 1984) Steve Jobs Over Patents? Free, Ad-Supported Music … With a Twist 10.5 Million Wordpress Blogs Get PubSubHubbub Livestream Calls Out Ustream and Justin.tv for … [Read more...]

Lesenswerte Artikel – 3. March 2010

ReverbNation Adds Some RtB To Its CwF Platform YouTube Silences, Then Restores Lessig Presentation Watch Out, iPhone Devs: One-Man Android App Nets $13K Monthly iPhone and Android: How One Mashup Does Both With Google Maps API V3 Chrome legt auch im … [Read more...]

Lesenswerte Artikel – 2. March 2010

Google Patents Location-Based Advertising Top 10 Torrent Sites Soon Without Mininova Top 10 Android Apps [Lifehacker Top 10] Foursquare wants to be the mayor of location apps News Has “Become a Social Experience”: Pew Yes, Twitter And Facebook Can Make … [Read more...]

Lesenswerte Artikel – 1. March 2010

Nexted - "Facebook introduced the verb to "friend." Chatroulette has introduced "nexted." "Backing Up a Wordpress Blog to the Cloud Using Amazon S3 - "With an Amazon S3 account, you can do an automatic back up to the cloud with a Wordpress plugin called … [Read more...]

Lesenswerte Artikel – 28. February 2010

Details of Twitter Ad Platform Emerge Qype, The Yelp Of Europe, Gets A Look From Google & Nokia Kartenschlacht: Skobbler verbündet sich mit OpenStreetMap Facebook Discloses How Much Money It Makes From Facebook Credits … [Read more...]

Lesenswerte Artikel – 27. February 2010

T-Mobile verkaufte bislang 1,5 Millionen iPhones in Deutschland Admob: Android preparing to overtake iPhone in ad requests - "Looking at the latest Admob report for January, it looks like Android will soon overtake iPhone in smartphone traffic for the … [Read more...]