Aktuelles: Onlinehandel, Werbeausgaben in Deutschland, Hyperloop

Lesenswerte Analysen und Hintergrundberichte zu aktuellen Entwicklungen:

  • Wann sehen wir die ersten 10-Milliarden-Giganten im Online-Handel? Turbulente Wachstumszeiten im Onlinehandel.
  • Ad Spend in Germany May Have Passed €28 Billion in… – newnetland eMarketer quotes a report bei Axel Springer SE:“Television—by far the most lucrative sector—attracted an estimated €13.28 billion ($17.62 billion) last year, compared with €12.31 billion ($16.33 billion) in 2013.

    Another traditional medium, newspapers, retained the second-place ranking and claimed €4.75 billion ($6.30 billion) in 2014, nearly €23 million ($30.52 billion) more than the previous year. Germany’s advertisers’ rising spend on printed news titles contrasts sharply with a pattern seen in many other developed economies, where brands are increasingly shifting their focus from print to digital publications.”

    For comparison: digital ad spending is at 3.06 billion Euro according to Axel Springer.

    Either that is aggressive spinning by Axel Springer or Germany is even more averse to a digital media landscape then one might have thought.

    See comments by eMarketer for more:

    „The same applies to mobile internet ads, which we value at $1.32 billion in 2014—more than five times the figure suggested by the Axel Springer report.“

    (via @zeigor)

  • Hyperloop Is Real: Meet The Startups Selling Supersonic Travel – Forbes „Money won’t be an issue. Pishevar says that once he gets liquid on his Uber stake (IPO, anyone?), he will personally fund half of Hyperloop Tech’s $80 million round. If they or any others then show results, billions will flood in. “We’re looking at the end of one civilization and the beginning of another, and this transportation infrastructure we’re building is the beginning of that new lattice,” says Pishevar, as understated as ever. “There’s no turning back.”“
  • Market Monitor Q4 2014 : Big Three Mobile Phone… – newnetland Market Monitor Q4 2014 : Big Three Mobile Phone Markets Beyond China – Counterpoint Technology Market Research:Tarun Pathak of Counterpoint Research:

    „India, Indonesia and Bangladesh Mobile phone shipments approaching 100 Million units per quarter run rate as smartphone demand continue to climb in Asia beyond China.“

  • Apple’s Growth Scorecard „Regardless of extreme growth, pricing power, headroom and, most importantly, customer loyalty, the company’s prospects are seen as dismal in contrast to its underperforming peers.[2]
    Such is the plight of the anomalous.“
  • In search of objects – newnetland In search of objects:Benedict Evans:

    „You can also see this in the Apple Watch. Like the iPhone and the Mac before it, it represents a step in the movement of technology from something you enjoy making (or changing, or configuring) to something you enjoy using, and from something where the technical specifications were all that mattered to one where the technology is in the background and exists only to deliver some other kind of experience. A watch that lets your partner touch you on the wrist from afar is not exactly a technology product – it’s ‘just’ enabled by technology.“

  • $34 Handheld Smartphone Device Diagnoses HIV and Syphilis in a Flash | Singularity HUB
  • How many iOS devices did/will Apple ship? „The actual figure was 259.5 million.“
  • Autonome Autos können Zahl der PKW bis zu 43 Prozent reduzieren „Sobald die Haushaltsmitglieder die Autos nicht parallel, sondern zeitversetzt (Fahrten zur Arbeit, zum Einkauf, Freizeit…) nutzen, könnte ein autonomes Auto den Zweitwagen oder gar Drittwagen leicht ersetzen.“

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